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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Announcing the Rashenbot!

For immediate release: Writing Aspirations is announcing the new role of RASHENBOT. Yes, the Rashenbot will visit this blog from time-to-time during the month of November and make a post if the one and only REAL Rashenbo is unable to meet those November Blogging commitments.

Rashenbo (yes, I am speaking in the third person) will be trapped… errr, enjoying a lovely 24 hour long car ride with darling husband and delightful daughters… oh yes, and the excitable 50 pound boxer puppy, Boudreaux on November 13th. Because the grey matter will be pulsating with weariness, Rashenbo will not be logging online the 13th or 14th. Rashenbot, the handy “save to be published on” feature will be ready to come to the rescue! If I am not prompt in my email replies, visits to your blog, or responses to your comments it’s probably because I’ve gone insane and I’m running around some strange McDonald’s cackling like a mad scientist.



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