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Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Monday to All!

You know, Monday's come and go! I found the old nursery rhyme about the children of the days. I thought it might be interesting to see how folks think they match up to this little nursery rhyme.

Monday's Child (Nursery Rhyme)
Author: Unknown
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child must work for a living,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

Can't remember what day you were born on... This Site will give you the day!

I was born on a Monday. Well, I have no grace... and I'm pretty positive so I knew I wasn't a Tuesday or Wednesday. And who wants to be a Saturday?

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Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

I'm a Monday, too, as well as born in the Year of the Ox. No grace, either. Two left feet and all that.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous nike shoes said...


1:37 AM  
Anonymous 常州升级棋牌游戏中心 said...

I thought I was a relatively smart people who read your work I know that I am not!

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Greece said...

Wow, I haven't read this rhyme for ages, thanks for the childhood reminder. I thin I was born on a Thursday...should check

5:36 PM  

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