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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Things to do INSTEAD of writing. Item #1

Item # 1 on the things you do when you should be writing is:

Yes, I completely wasted hour after hour yesterday reading blog after blog. I spent most of the day reading many posts on queries and query letters. Storytellers unplugged had an interesting one on query letters. Miss Snark always has entertaining and useful advice and comments. I almost spilled Mt. Dew all over my keyboard laughing at the Face Lifts Evil Editor has posted.
Agent Query has some excellent pointers for query letters and has some examples for review.
I have no idea why I'm reading so much on query letters. Am I ready to send out some queries? Nope. Not even close! Today will be a writing day for me. I'd like to end the day with at least 1,000 more words, if I could break 10k this weekend, I'd be satisfied with that progress.



Blogger An Aspiring Writer said...

*LOL* Oh I love this, particularly that you hid it and I had to highlight it to read. Thanks for commenting at my blog, you were my first!

I love all the blogs you mentioned and I'm sitting right there in the boat with you ... why am I reading all these blogs on query letters when I haven't finished the work I need to submit?! Ack! Of course my favorite in the bunch is Kristin Nelson (agent) from the Nelson Agency (she's linked on my blog). I went to a workshop in August that she held on writing query letters and it was INVALUABLE!

We'll need to keep each other honest and writing and not seduced by the power of the Dark Side and blog-reading!

Best of luck!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Rashenbo said...

Oh yes, must not succumb to the powers of the BLOG! I like Kristin's site too! I just haven't linked hers yet.

It must be my mighty blog powers that have hidden today's post... I honestly recall not doing anything different... /sigh... beta blogger has it's ups and downs!

3:34 PM  

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