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Friday, November 03, 2006

Ack!!! Yet another addiction preys upon the innocent.

Yes, my dear friends... Stand up and give voice to your addiction.

"I am an internet addict."

Fear not, help can be found!

I saw this article today and it poses the question: Are you an internet addict?
From the article:
Here's a list of common symptoms to watch out for:
1. Lying about how much time is spent online.
2. General decrease of physical activity and social life.
3. Neglecting obligations at home, work, or school to spend time online.
4. Spending too much money on computer equipment or Internet activities.
5. Feeling a constant desire to be online when they're away from the computer.
6. Going online to escape real world problems.
7. Disregarding the emotional or physical consequences of being in front of a computer all day.
8. Denial of the problem.
  1. Well, I don't lie about how much time I spend online. I work at home for an internet company. I'm on the computer all day long and most evenings.
  2. I thought that was caused by aging?
  3. Hmmm, work sucks, housework sucks...
  4. People still pay for "internet activities"? WTF - blogger is free! The absolute write forum is free! I've got a few memberships I've paid for, but most of my time is just surfing and goofing off!
  5. I've felt that way from time-to-time.
  6. Who doesn't try to escape real world problems with whatever "fun" activity is around?
  7. What? There are consequences? No one told me! OMG I've got to sue someone.
    What problem?

I make light of this because I find it humorous. I'm sure there are some people that are addicted to being online as much as someone is addicted to cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. Anything taken to excess is likely to harm you. I'm not sure why people can't understand this.

There is an internet addiction test if you are worried. I actually scored a 45 which means I'm an average user.



Blogger Susan said...

Nope. Not gonna try it. I'm trying to spend less time online and more writing, as it is.

Actually, I was happily reading when I heard the stupid virus alert go off, and experience has taught me that if I don't jump when I hear it, it'll open up eight million alert windows and take me five minutes to clear it all out -- and that's five minutes that I could be surfing with!

8:39 PM  

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