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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've been tagged!

Well, West of Mars tagged me!

Four Jobs That I've had
1. DJ in high school at the local TINY radio station
2. Nursing assistant (I lasted two weeks. I just wasn't cut out for it)
3. Manager of International Distribution for a Cosmetics Company
4. Manager of Client Services

Four Favorite Foods
1. Any kind, form or shape of Chocolate
2. Crawfish
3. Rice & Gravy
4. Spaghetti

I just love food... I can't seem to stop myself from eating it :D

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over
1. Boondock Saints
2. Dodgeball
3. Constantine
4. Does being forced to watch Spongebob over and over count? What about Barbie and whatever fruity animal she has as a sidekick...

Four Favorite TV shows
1. House - course... I'm not too happy about recent developments
2. Heroes - that show just rocks
3. Project Runway/America's Next Top Model/Extreme House Makeover (basically, whatever silly reality show I come across as I'm flipping channels)
4. Rockstar/American Idol... yeah, I watch em.

#1 and #2 I watch religiously. I also try to catch all the CSI's. But I don't usually spend that much time actually watching the television.

Four Places I've travelled

Well, I refer to a previous boss as the devil... so does that count as hell?

1. Paris, France
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Dubai, UAE
4. Taipei, Taiwan

Business trips :) for fun, mostly the states. I've lived in: Missouri. Florida. Indiana. Arizona. New Mexico. Minnesota.

Four Websites I go to daily (I go to quite a few every day but here are probably the top four)
1. My own blog
2. My stat counter page
3. West of Mars
4. Miss Snark

Four people I'm now torturing uhh... tagging
1. Written Wyrdd
2. Bernita
3. Sean
4. Thomma Lyn

Now, let's see if any of them participate!



Anonymous Damien said...

That's cool you were a DJ. Very cool occupation imo.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh, I too am dosing myself liberally with NyQuil. But I just felt like sharing in the House and Heroes love. I watch all four of those same choices, though. I blame my older sister for most of the reality TV (we used to share a room and since she's older, we usually had to watch what she wanted), but I enjoy all five you mentioned.

I just started visiting your site and wanted to say that I like it a lot. I think your TT this week might come in handy when I start my own blogspot.


6:36 PM  
Blogger Rashenbo said...

Damien, as far as first jobs go - it was pretty cool.

Sabrina, thank you for your comments and the visits. When you get your blog up, be sure and send me a link for it :) I'll keep an eye on you.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous msdemmie said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.

Looks like you have a pretty cool blog here too.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Awww.... You visit me every day! Thanks! I'm touched. I'm honored.

I'm exhausted. I'll check in tomorrow. Thanks for being a good sport and playing along!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

You don't dip the crawfish in chocolate do you?

Because if you do, I don't think I can come back...

12:14 AM  
Blogger Sean Lindsay said...

My blog's not a personal meme kinda place, but thanks for thinking of me.

Four Jobs:
* Petrol station attendant
* Driver for an exotic dancer
* Technology Editor for a disability magazine
* Self-employed software developer

Four Places I've Travelled:
* Across Australia (by car and by train)
* Around the USA (by train, stopping in 8 states)
* Ireland
* DisneyLand (which means a little more when you live in Sydney, and you won the trip)

2:46 AM  
Blogger Bernita said...

Hate memes.
It's a slow week.
I might sucker in...um... succumb.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Marina said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by my site :). You have a cool place here! Great places you have visited, keep on traveling (except the hell of course :lol:). Big hugs and take care!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a hello on my Domestic Wife blog...I had fun visiting yours, it's always neat to meet other quirky people! And you're in Minnesota, too, it looks like! : )

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks for tagging me, Rashenbo! Guess that makes me It. Well, one of four Its. ;)

4:43 PM  
Blogger The GateKeeper said...

Ah, it's a pleasure meeting you. I was going to leave a comment on your TT but I thought I might not be worthy since I didn't get mine up this week. Anyhoooo, you have great advice for a writer so, no doubt, I'll be hanging out over here, if you don't mind.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Navilyn said...

I love this post! It's kept me entertained...

8:30 PM  
Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

I've been out of town since Thursday last, but now that I'm tagged (how cool!) I'll be posting my response poste haste.

2:18 PM  
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