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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Upcoming writing competitions

If you are curious about the validity of a competition, I would recommend you visit Preditors & Editors contest list.

I've not checked all of these... I just wanted to add some more links

The Paris Review

After January 15th you can check on the William Faulkner competition

For you folks in the UK – First Writer appears to have a selection of writing competitions

Writer’s Digest has theirs

Look I found a writing competition on Transnational Law. Sorry, fraid I won't be jumping on that one! :)

Script Pimp has a screenwriting competition… I know absolutely nothing about them. So, I’m not quite sure about this competition.

Association of Securities and Exchange has a writing competition… Ok, there are a lot more writing competitions out there than I thought.

It also appears like local groups have their own competitions - so there's another spot for you to look. Florida Freelance Writers Association has one.

Southwest writers are working on their 2007 guidelines.

A Women’s Write

James Jones First Novel Fellowship

The Arthur Ellis Award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel for the from Crime Writers of Canada

Here’s a link to an article with some competitions that have deadlines in January.

Well, be sure to check on the authenticity of a competition if it's asking you for an entry fee. If you are entering something - good luck!

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