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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Debut a Debut Authors & Prizes - Updates

Debut a Debut Banner

Author List

Alan Fox -- The Seeker in Forever

Alex Espinoza -- Still Water Saints

Alexandra Sokoloff -- The Harrowing
Ali Liebegott -- The IHOP Papers

Alice Greenway -- White Ghost Girls

Aliya Whiteley -- Three Things About Me

Amir Gutfreund -- Our Holocaust

Amy Bryant -- Polly

Ana Baca -- Mama Fela's Girls

Andrew Britton -- The American

Anne Douglas -- The McCabes: Persuading Jo

Antoinette May -- Pilate's Wife
Antonia Arslan -- Skylark Farm

Benito Cordova -- Big Dreams and Dark Secrets in Chimaya

Betsey Osborne -- The Natural History of Uncas Metcalfe

Brian Martin -- North

Brian Shuster -- The Minerva Virus
C-Murder -- Death Around the Corner

CA Belmond -- A Rather Lovely Inheritance

Carolyn Turgeon -- Rain Village
Cate Sweeney -- Selfish Jean

Catherine Murdock - Dairy Queen

Cheryl Strayed -- Torch

Christine Conrad -- Mademoiselle Benoir

Cindy Woodsmall -- When the Heart Cries

Clifford Chase -- Winkie

Colleen Gleason -- The Rest Falls Away

Cornelia Read -- A Field of Darkness

Conor Corderoy -- Dark Rain

Da Chen -- Brothers

Daniel Judson - The Darkest Place

David Lynn Golemon -- Event

Debra Dean - The Madonnas of Leningrad

Debra Ginsberg -- Blind Submisssion

Derek Armstrong -- The Game

Diane Setterfield -- The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

Donna Westover Gallup -- White as Snow

Drew Bowling -- The Tower of Shadows

Edward Charles -- In the Shadow of Lady Jane

Elisabeth Jason -- Soul Sacrifice

Elisabeth Drake -- The Twilight Deception

Elisabeth Drake -- A Passion Draconic

Ellis Avery -- The Teahouse Fire

Faiza Guene -- Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow

Farrell O'Gorman -- Awaiting Orders
Frances Washburn -- Elsie's Business

Gautam Malkani -- Londonstani
George Robert Minkoff -- The Weight of Smoke
Gillian Flynn -- Sharp Objects: A Novel
Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk -- The Sidewalk Artist

Gordon Dahlquist - The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

Heather Hayashi -- To Save the World
Heidi Pitlor -- The Birthdays

Henry Chang -- Chinatown Beat

Hisham Matar -- In the Country of Men

Heidi Pitlor -- The Birthdays: A Novel

Hisham Matar -- In the Country of Men

Hugh Paxton -- Homunculus

Jackie Kessler -- Hell's Belles
James Canon -- Takes from the Town of Widows and Chronicles from the Land of Men

James Janko -- Buffalo Boy and Geronimo

Jana DeLeon -- Rumble on the Bayou

Jane May -- Doggy Style
Jason Webb -- The Ghost of Che Guevara

Jed Rubenfeld - The Interpretation of Murder

Jenn Reese -- Jade Tiger

Jennah Sharpe -- Along the Hibiscus Path

Jennifer Gilmore -- Golden Country: A Novel

Jerome Tell -- The Election
Jill Conner Browne (with Karin Gillespie) -- The Sweet Potato Queen's First Big Ass Novel

Jonathan Drapes -- Never Admit to Beige

Joshua Cohen -- Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto

Joshua Palmatier -- The Skewed Throne

Joshua Spanogle - Isolation Ward

Judith Lindbergh -- The Thrall's Tale

Judith Marks-White -- Seducing Harry

Julie Carobini -- Chocolate Beach

Julie KL Dam -- Some Like it Haute

Kat Richardson -- Greywalker
Kathleen Jacobs -- The Friday Knitting Club

Katherine Min -- Secondhand World

KE Silva -- A Simple Distance
Kelly Kerney -- Born Again
Keith Donohue -- The Stolen Child

Kevin Shay -- The End as I Know it
Kirsten Sawyer -- Not Quite a Bride
Laura Dave -- London is the Best City in America

Laura Fitzgerlad -- A Veil of Roses

Laura Ruby -- I'm not Julia Roberts
Lauren Fox -- Still Life With Husband

Lauren Lipton -- It's About Your Husband
Lauren Marks-White -- Seducing Harry
Layne Maheu -- Song of the Crow

Lee Merrill Bryd -- Riley's Fire

Liam Jackson -- Offspring
Lila Shaara -- Every Secret Thing

Lisa Fugard -- Skinner's Drift

Lisa Logan -- Visions

Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum -- A Day of Small Beginnings

Lisa Unger -- Beautiful Lifes

Lori Lacefield -- The Seventh Survivor
Lu Vickers -- Breathing Underwater

Lucy McCarraher -- Blood & Water

Marcus Sakey -- The Blade Itself

Margo Candela -- Underneath it All

Marie Arana -- Cellophane

Marisa de los Santos -- Love Walked In

Marisha Pessl -- Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Mark Binelli -- Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die!

Mary E. Neighbour -- Speak Right on: Dred Scott a Novel

Matthew Scott Hansen -- The Shadow killer
Max Brooks -- World War Z

Meg Mullins -- The Rug Merchant

Melissa Clark -- Swimming Upstream Slowly

Mia King -- Good Things

Michael A. Fitzgerald -- Radiant Days

Michael Graham -- The Snow Angel

Michael Stephen -- The Manuscript

Michael Thomas -- Man Gone Down
Michelle Tea -- Rose of no Man's Land

MWF Curran -- The Secret War

Naomi Alderman -- Disobedience

Natalie Danford -- Inheritance

Nikki Leigh -- Stormy View (debut)

Nikki Leigh -- Widow's Walk (also published in 2006)

Nora Gallagher -- Changing Light

N.S. Koenings -- The Blue Taxi
Olga Grushin -- The Dream Life of Sukhanov

Pam Jenoff -- The Kommandant's Girl

Pamela Carter Joern -- The Floor of the Sky
Patrick F. McManus -- The Blight Way

Patrick Hyde -- The Only Pure Thing

Paul Batista -- Death's Witness

Paul Cavanagh -- After Helen

Paul Rusesabagina - An Ordinary Man

Paul Wolfe -- Choices
Peter Behrens -- The Law of Dreams

Peter Bourne -- The Deserter

Peter C. Brown -- The Fugitive Wife

Peter Hobbs -- The Short Day of dying

Racy Li -- Ninja

Rae Meadows -- Calling Me Out

Raymond Khoury -- The Last Templar

Rebecca Drake -- Don't Be Afraid

RG Willems -- Targets of Affection

Rhonda Stapleton -- Stripped

Robert Dugoni - The Jury Master

Robert Fate -- Baby Shark

Robert Gregory Browne -- Kiss Her Goodbye

Robert Gussin -- Trash Talk

Roger Morris -- Taking Comfort

Roger Alan Skipper -- Tear Down the Mountain
Rosanne Keller -- A Summer All Her Own
Sam Barone -- Dawn of Empire

Sam Savage -- Firmin

Samantha Grosser -- Another Time and Place

San Culberson -- The Nick of Time

Sandi Ault -- Wild Indigo

Sean Chercover -- Big City Bad Blood

Sela Carsen -- Not Quite Dead

Sela Carsen -- The Virgin Courtesan

Shane Gericke -- Blown Away

Stephen J. Spignesi - Dialogues

Steven Hockensmith -- Holmes on the Range

Steve Voake - The Dreamwalker's Child

Sunny -- Mona Lisa Awakening
Suroopa Mukherjee -- Across the Mystic Shore

Suzanne Adair -- Paper Woman

Tasha Alexander -- And Only to Deceive

Tawny Taylor -- Sex and the Single Ghost
Thomas Mullen -- The Last Town on Earth: A Novel

Thomma Lyn -- Thy Eternal Summer

Tina Bendoni -- Argus: In Dreams

Tinling Choong -- FireWife

Toby Devens -- My Favorite Midlife Crisis (yet)

Tom McCarthy -- Remainder

Tony D'Souza -- Whiteman

Troy Cook -- 47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers

Wendy Wasserstein -- Elements of Style

Will Beall -- L.A. Rex

William Kittredge -- The Willow Field
Yael Goldstein -- Overture

Yvette Christianse -- Unconfessed


2 $20 gift certificates from Borders

A copy of RG Willems' debut, Targets of Affection

5 free points from BookMooch.com

A copy of Matt Curran's debut, The Secret War

An autographed copy of Lila Shaara's debut, Every Secret Thing

An audio copy (CD) of Lila Shaara's debut, Every Secret Thing

A copy of Suzanne Adair's debut, Paper Woman

A copy of Racy Li's debut e-book, Ninja

A copy of Sela Carsen's debut e-book, Not Quite Dead

A copy of Sela Carsen's follow-up short, The Virgin Courtesan

A copy of Michael FitzGerald's debut, Radiant Days

A copy of Tina Bendoni's debut Argus: In Dreams

An ARC copy, an autographed copy, bookmarks, and postcards from author Shane Gericke. Debut title Blown Away.

A copy of Thomma Lyn's debut Thy Eternal Summer

A copy of Judith Lindbergh's debut The Thrall's Tale

A copy of Rhonda Stapleton's debut Stripped

Winner's Pick: Add $10 to a Border's Gift Certificate, a signed copy of Crack of Death, or A free item from the Café Press store, compliments of Dawno at Absolute Write.

And not really a prize to be won, but anyone who goes to BookMooch.com and mooches a copy of Cheryl Strayed's debut, Torch, directly from her will receive an autographed copy.

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Blogger Wylie Kinson said...

I read Thomma Lyn's Thy Eternal Summer and found it sweetly romantic, poignant and an overall enjoyable read. I recommend it!!!

7:31 PM  
Anonymous writersgroupblog said...

Wow, this is a pretty extensive contest w/ some great prizes. What are the rules (I looked but couldn't find them)?

2:59 PM  
Anonymous writersgroupblog said...

Nevermind, I found them :)

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Lorri said...

Great idea, here!! And, I have some of the books off your list.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Conor Corderoy said...

Hola Rashenbo,
I nopticed that you were kind enough to have my book on your list (Dark Rain), and I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. I was surprised because it doesn't go on sale in the States until March.

Nice blog, and you list some of my favourite books too.

Un saludo,


1:36 PM  
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