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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Grammar Flammar! Poetic Silliness

Oh, woe is me or is it I?

Here I sit, while I brood.
Crap, my writing, just isn’t good.

The easiest to use are nouns!
Like Bob and John and Mary Sue,
but what about those pesky pros?
Like he and they and she and it,
I tell you, I just can’t keep them straight.

The comma, well, it’s just hell.
Where it belongs – I can never tell.
I stick one here and stick one there.
As a reader, I’m sure that you don’t care.

The run-ons last long enough for tea.
Those fragments, well, they add some Joie de Vie.

Diagram a sentence?
Pfft, that’s just a nuisance.

Voice, tone, style - really, these don’t matter.
What’s that, you want to make a wager?

Fine, I’ll make a proclamation!
If not in print, I’ll be like Meika and go for self-publication!

Those agents, editors and English teachers –
Why they are all just uptight.

I’ve decided. My prose, well, it’s all just right!

Ok, I admit it. My skills at poetry rank a 0 on a 0-10 meter! However, I read You Think Grammar is the Amish Word for Your Mom's Mom and what can I say.... inspiration struck. I'm sure you're all glad I'm not an aspiring poet though!

I really planned on thinking about writing an entry for the Creative Carnival on Write Stuff. But two problems are keeping me from doing it... 1) My muse just isn't giving me a very creative angle for it and 2) I'm supposed to be working right now! :D

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