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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Preparing to write: your tools of research

I've been a little busy with life and the Debut a Debut contest. That means I've had limited time to focus on my novel. I'm about 10 chapters into it and now more than ever, the research of my novel is critical. At this point in my novel the characters are all in place and the plot is speeding up. It's time to begin that uphill climb to the climactic moments. I need technology, science, locale, culture and all the other tidbits that make my story feel "alive" to come together to create a tense, action-packed sequence of events. I want my reader to be in the jungle with my characters. I want the science behind the events to make sense and be believable. I won't bore you with all the research I've done (at least not yet)... but it got me thinking, how do you start researching your plot or characters?

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