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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ebook Review of Elisabeth Drake's Passion Draconic

As the creator and co-host of the Debut contest... I realized that I really need to also show my involvement by getting out and reading some debut works and then sharing them too! Last week I read, reviewed and interviewed Jackie Kessler with her debut of Hell's Belles. Well, this week I'm going to be reading more!

I've never actually read an ebook before. Call me a book snob - but I like having a book in my hands. I was browsing through the author list and Passion Draconic by Elisabeth Drake caught my eye. I read the plot summary and thought it sounded interesting - a fantasy romance!

The lovely Shaiandral is a healer for the Sharteka tribe, a clan of jaguar shapeshifters. She is summoned by a healer's oath to the enemy tribe of shape shifting dragons. The dragonlord, Veren, is dying by some magical disease. She must make a sacrifice to save him. Together they must combat the demons trying to take over their world.

The premise of the plot is interesting, however, this book kind of jumps fantasy and romance and goes straight for erotica. The sex scenes are well done and quite steamy... a couple of them push the ropes for me, though. This wasn't particularly my kind of story. I tend to enjoy novels with a stronger plot line than physical love sequences.

This author has potential and I'll be interested to see her career grow.

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