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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Breaking 10,000... Yay me!

I had a goal to reach 10,000 words this weekend. I just broke it... my 10,000th word? 'she' Gotta love those pronouns. Here it is, the line that broke this week's goal:

"Sean realized this was the most she had said to him. He enjoyed hearing her voice and didn’t want her to stop. "

Looking at it here all by its onesie makes me think it's a pretty weak passage... and the itch to edit it is already making my fingers twitch. I'll have to set that urge aside for now. I'm on a roll and want to keep going while I've got the steam. Now I'll have to give myself a new goal for next week.... I'm thinking breaking 15,000 by next weekend.

Current Stats to the Action/Thriller "Work in Progress"
Deaths: 2
Subplots: 3
Chapters: 6
Words: 10,071
Blaring out the headphones: "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd



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