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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Answers to the TT 12/14/2006

I've hidden this post in the archives so that I can link to it for those folks who want to go ahead and just jump to the answers.

1. Crazy Aunt Mabel. She's Real! She is my mother's sister, her name's not Mabel though. Yup, she was nuts. The psychologist told my mom she was an only child born into a family of 10 children. If she had been all by her onesie she would have been fine. It's one of those twists of fate, it's sad... because she was sick. But, she didn't think she was sick and she was fine with her life... and man, the stories are just so damn funny. Remind me to tell you about the inflatable body suit story sometime. She passed away this year from CHF.

2. Double O Z. Yeah, this @##hole is real. Unfortunately, and I'm only sharing the basics with you. If I told you all the details you'd think I was making him up to be more creative. For two years I worked in hell. The devil is actually short hunch-backed Frenchman with an addiction to raisinets. ##@##@#@#@#$#@#$@#$ GRRRR. If he wan't so litigous I'd tell you guys the good stuff.

3. EcoChallenger - FAKE. This is Sean Watts, he's the protagonist in my action-adventure work in progress. He currently works as a tour guide on the Rio Negro of the Amazon.

4. The Hillbilly - Not only is the hillbilly real, it's me! :) My maiden name is Jenkins. In high school a few kids would call me Jinks. And yup, what I mentioned is true. I was born in the Ozarks of Missouri and my dad's got one wierd family.

5. The Doctor - FAKE - This is Polly Brown. She's a doctor with the World Health Organization ad she's a sub-protagonist with Sean Watts in my current novel. She's currently working with villages in the Amazon rainforest.

6. Ditzy blond #1 - REAL - She was one of my co-workers and we worked together under #2. She's now one of my good friends.

7. Ditzy blond #2 - FAKE - She's also a sub-protagonist in my current novel. She's a telecommunications specialist and was geocaching in Brazil. She's currently in a race for her life with Sean and Polly.

8. The Executive. - FAKE - Adelia Harkness is the protagonist in my current novel. She's got a lot more to her, but I'm afraid I can't share all those details with you yet. *wink*

9. Cajun Bob. - FAKE. Cajun Bob is a new character to me. He's going to be appearing in my next novel which is set in Louisiana.

10. The Dermatologist - REAL. She was the business partner with #2. She's now a great friend of mine. I'm actually going to dinner with her on the 22nd. She's so much fun!

11. Psychic Claire - FAKE Doesn't she sound interesting though? She'll have an important role in my next novel.

12. The Twin - REAL. She's the wife of one of my husband's bosses. She tried to get me involved in Arbonne. She's really nice, though... in an overly nice *kiss, kiss* kind of way.

13. The Housewife - REAL. Another great friend of mine. Her daughter and my daughter were best friends for a while. She's lovely and sweet... but she's got some baggage. I try to give her moral support.



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