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Friday, December 15, 2006

In preparation of the Crap-O-Meter

Today we get to submit our 250 word hook to Miss Snark. I'm going to share the first draft with you. There are several things wrong with this particular draft and I'll be editing it to tighten it up and to clean up some of those pesky errors that tend to slip through when your writing quickly. My grammar and mechanics aren't the best in my blog posts, but I can't let things slide for my hook, query, synopsis or manuscript.

[Title] is an adventure that carries the reader through the heart of the Amazon.

Sean Watts’ life is just the way he wants it – minimal responsibilities and a job that appeases his wanderlust. As a guide on the Rio Negro, Sean’s no novice to jungle adventures. When he’s approached by the Harkness Institute to lead a group in search of some missing scientists, he accepts the chance to pocket the extra cash.

A World Health Organization physician, an American telecommunications specialist, and an indigenous tribesman are just a few members of his team. At first, Sean doesn’t consider the unusual mixture of individuals selected by the Harkness Institute, but it becomes obvious they were brought together for a purpose. Shortly after entering the depths of the Amazon rainforest they become hunted. One-by-one, they are being picked off, either to disappear into the darkness or to have their butchered remains left, as if to taunt those still living.

The missing scientists play only a small role in the real interests of the Harkness Institute. Adelia Harkness, its director, has a greater mission. The members of the team have been selected to play a part in an experiment. One that Adelia hopes will change the future of the rainforest and eventually, the world.

While Sean and the remaining survivors race for their lives to escape the jungle, forces are at work inside the institute that threaten to topple man’s long-held position at the top of the food chain.

I'll post the updated version and link to it on the Snark site... unless I don't get in for some reason!

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Blogger Dharma said...

I might read a book like this, and perhaps more inspiring is I definitely people who *would* read it.

(read my recent posting for an explanation of my anonymous posting. more blogger/google hell)

3:02 PM  
Anonymous scooper said...

It sounds interesting. I would read this just to find out what happens.

7:48 PM  

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