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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rashenbo Review's Bite The Rabbit

Bite the Rabbit is a blog that I would categorize as personal or a blom (blogging mom).
The Rating Scale: 1 = Dreadfully dull 5 = Alright 10 = Awesome! I'm so jealous.

The Title: Bite The Rabbit
I find this title just great. I give it a 9 for sure! If this blog were on a list and I was just looking at blogs because of the title - I'd definitely hit it just to see what it was about... but then, I have a slightly morbid sense of humor. The reason for her title is found in this post from her early posting months.

The Layout (also known as the "look & feel"): Typepad standard template
It's been a while since I used typepad, but I'm thinking this is just one of the basic template styles that's been personalized a bit with colors and header image. The header image is good and I like the color scheme: colorful, but without over doing it. This layout is nice, neat and tidy. Categories and archives keep things organized and it's easy to navigate through her blog to see past activity. I give her layout a 6.5 - it's a very pleasant look and feel.

The Sidebar:
Well, I'm gonna have to go with a 5 here. She's got a cartoon button, which is nice, and of course, she's got her Nablopomo button and she's got some links to other bloggers. I like theway categories are handled and links to recent comments is also kind of nice. But, it just seems a little empty and I'd like to see just a little more either with buttons or images or something of the like to get some more interactivity going.

Blogosphere Presence:
Well, a lot more people mention biting the rabbit in their blogs than I expected. I had a hard time finding her on Technorati, not sure she's there. If other blogging tools are used (exchange, blog lists, sitemeters, blog counters, etc) they aren't displayed. I certainly found her in the Nablopomo archives and she won the sock monkey - lucky little bunny! Kicky boots, Sgt. Pepper (her sister if you read through her posts - you'll discover this tidbit too!), and Teresa's Scrapbox are a couple of blogs that keep an eye on Bite the Rabbit. She's out there and she's making the rounds. She might just be a little bit harder to find that some of those SSP's (shameless self-promoters, one of Susan's terms), but she's not invisible.

Now, on to what we all know and love...

The Content

The first post was circa early 2005, a lovely little tale about a trip to Disneyland. The way she blogs makes me think this wasn't her first blog post but I can't find any earlier posts on this blog. Heheh, one of her early posts about cooties was cute and humorous and it makes me wonder when she might have continued that discussion! Her paintballing games sound like way too much fun! And she totally disgusted me with the booger post... I have this thing about boogers... it dates back to my brownies days when several girls were squashed together in a vehicle coming back from camp. One of them wiped a booger on another girl... the puking started and I've been booger traumatized since. Really - my husband has to wipe my kids' noses... I just can't stomach it. So thank you Rabbitgirl for bringing that memory back to me :)
Basically, I really enjoyed browsing through the posts. Many of them were funny, interesting or just darn cute! She's got a strong writer's voice that comes across in her posts and I could "hear" her telling me many of her tales. She has some great posts of her offspring but the blog isn't flooded by all things Harrison. There are plenty of other topics to enjoy.

If you haven't swung over to her site by now, give her a look see and enjoy yourself while your there. I give her content at least an 8!

If you'd like me to take a peek at your blog and possibly get a Saturday highlight - let me know.



Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I am starting to think that with you in my corner, I don't need to SSP (that's Shamelessly Self-Promote, folks)!!!

Rash, you rock!

8:30 AM  

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