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Sunday, October 22, 2006

When your vocabulary leaves you high and dry...

I was writing a scene and I could visualize exactly what the environment looked like. If I had any talent for drawing, I'd sketch it... Alas, my only skill is to paint a picture with words. But, really, what do you do when you just can't find that right word? The word that's got me thinking is poke... and then protrude... they work for the scene I'm working on, but poke is just so "blah" and "protrude", it just isn't a pretty word. It doesn't roll off the tongue and I don't think it accurately conveys the image. My handy thesaurus isn't offering up any better alternatives...

Of course, my thought process could just be completely hosed because a) I stayed up way too late... or b) I spent the entire morning at the emergency vet clinic with our boxer. Yes, he got a little too "excited" and couldn't calm himself down. (I'll keep my canine viagra comments to myself and just say, "ick") $234.00 later, he's all better, but it can sure as hell throw off your entire day.

I think I'll go read some Evil Editor archives for some quick giggles to get my groove back... then I'll hunt down just the word I'm looking for.

What's blasting from the headphones? Willie Nelson & Ray Charles, "Seven Spanish Angels"



Blogger Bernita said...

I just bracket the nasty thing and go on. Eventually the right word wiggles its way out.

5:33 PM  

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