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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Links of Interest

Re-Imagining the Final Thoughts of the Beheaded by Jacki Lyden. I found a link to readings from this book on NPR. The blurb reads:

The premise for each story in Robert Olen Butler's new book is disturbing. Severance recalls the last thoughts of those who have been decapitated. St. George, Marie-Antoinette, Medusa, Anne Boyeln Sir Walter Raleigh, the Lady of the Lake ... In Butler's imagining, their last words are poetic and brief, and reveal what is most precious about being alive.This sounds interesting to me. I wonder if any of you have read it?

News for writers:
Lesbian/gay writers of Alabama!

Time Magazine Article, “Hustle & Grow” :
Big publishers discover that entrepreneurial street-lit authors have written the book on reaching an untapped market

Blogs in the news:
Interesting author weblog piece.

From the archives:

I found this an interesting article with a bestselling author: Author Discusses How He Survived Child Abuse.

If publishers weekly isn’t already in your favorites, you may want to take a peek.

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Blogger Suzy Hepworth said...

I love your blog and very much hope you will persist with it and your writing in general - I think it takes a heroine to balance a family life and a book so good on you!

Suze x

3:12 PM  

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