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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Upcoming fun stuff!!! Attention bloggers!

Yes, I should be working this morning... *cough* I'm working *cough* on a um, special project.

Anyway, through the blogvine I heard about the NaBloPoMo event. Think Nano for bloggers. You post a blog each day in November. And how can you go wrong with Yoda!!! I wasn't quite sure how to sign up, so I sent an email to the Fussy one. If you already make a post each day, might as well sign up anyway!

Then I started going through the blogs of the current participants and I stumbled across a reference to The Great International City Swap. A new twist on pen pals actually! I love learning about new places, especially when I'm researching for a new novel. I think this will be a fun dalliance and I look forward to participating. Check it out, you may find it interests you as well.



Blogger Karitown said...

Thanks for the suggestions. They sound great. Now get working;))

7:28 AM  

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